This codex reflects a joint commitment among the participants in the Danish market to contribute to:

  • an internet that remains a safe marketplace for advertising.
  • support the growth and innovation of legal undertakings.
  • safety for advertisers and consumers related to online marketing.

The purpose with this codex is to communicate a common set of values expressed by the following declaration and to establish concrete remedies that stakeholders related to online marketing can agree to. This is done to prevent that advertising finance or promote services that offer or facilitate distribution of illegal content, including violations of copyrighted content and products.

This codex is a supplement to existing legislation and it is complemented by other voluntary agreements that supports the same objectives.

The digital development provides new opportunities to develop innovative business models, which means that products and services are created, distributed, marketed and experienced in new ways

Unfortunately, legitimate businesses are often challenged by illegal activities that infringes copyright, which the signatories of this codex seek to limit as much as possible. The initiative arises from the Copyright Package decided by the Danish Ministry of Culture on the 20th of June 2012, just as it complements several other voluntary initiatives. This codex has been designed in cooperation between key stakeholders within online marketing in Denmark.

Signatories of this codex declare that they:

  • Publicly condemn that users can use their products and services to support criminal purposes including violations of copyrighted material.
  • Have implemented specific procedures that seeks to prevent that their products and services are used for funding or dissemination of criminal activity.
  • Have implemented procedures, which inform their employees that they must be aware of and prevent possible misuse of the companies’ products and services for illegal purposes.
  • If the company offers advertising services, is has implemented clear provisions in the sales conditions, which prohibits the use of the company’s products and services to infringe intellectual property rights, as well as to distribute, disseminate, or implement payment hereof.
  • If the company sell or broke advertising space, it will avoid supporting providers of criminal services and products including copyright violations as far as possible.