Here you have the opportunity report websites, which are believed to have explicit purpose of distributing illegal content. The exact criteria are listed below.

Note: This report will have no legal effect.

Reported sites will be evaluated if they are to be added to a list that media agencies, medias, and suppliers of advertising technology  voluntarily can use to filter out unwanted websites from their systems.

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Procedures for adding sites on the list of copyright infringing websites

The register is run by RettighedsAlliancen who will maintain a list of sites which conduct or facilitate illegal activities based on the criteria below.

Sites will be collected from the following sources:

1. Sites which are blocked by a Danish legal authority
2. Sites which are blocked based on the code of conduct with the DK ISPs Association (mirror sites)
3. Sites that are blocked based on EU-regulation in any country i.e. MPA og IFPI HQ
4. PIPCU’s (City of London Police IP Crime Unit) Infringing Website List
5. Sites that are considered to be illegal but are not (yet) blocked by a legal authority
6. Sites from the Danish consumer authority “E-maerket” (primarily scam sites)
7. Sites which are reported through the website

Sites included in paragraph 1-4 are immediately added to the list.

With regard to sites included in paragraph 5-7 it is assessed if they are characterised by one or more of the following activities:

a) The site takes part in systematic infringements of intellectual property rights, typically by distributing creative content without consent from relevant right holders.
b) It encourages and/or actively contribute to systematic infringements of intellectual property rights.
c) It contributes to infringements of intellectual property rights by encouraging or incite internet users to take part in illegal activities.
d) It pretends to offer products with the purpose of unlawfully make users provide their credit card information or other personal information.

RettighedsAlliancen contacts websites that fulfil one or more of the above-mentioned criteria. They will receive a notice saying, that illegal activities and/or facilitating of illegal activities has been identified on the website and with a request that these activities are stopped. If the illegal activities are not stopped or a constructive dialogue has not been established within three weeks from notice, the website will be added to the list.

The owner of a website can object to being registered on the list until a verdict may be in place or request a reassessment of whether or not the site fulfils the requirements for being on the list. Such reassessments are considered with an interval of three months.

Availability of the list
To prevent unnecessary awareness of the sites in question the list is confidential from all except relevant and trusted employees engaged in implementing the list to filter out unwanted sites in the signatories advertising systems. Persons, companies and organisations have the opportunity to contact RettighedsAlliancen in order to be advised on whether or not a specific site is on list.